Artsopolis Celebrates Over 12 Years of Service!

round-12-yearsArtsopolis began with the idea that all aspects of the cultural community should be inter-connected - events, organizations, venues, artists, public art, arts education, the businesses that support them, and so on. We started out serving the needs of one community, only to find that a similar need existed in many other communities around the United States. It was only when one of those communities reached out to us about sharing our technology that that the idea (a 'dream' really) of an arts and culture network - an "Artsopolis" - came true. Having served for over 12 years now, we feel honored for this opportunity, thankful to those who have believed in and supported us, and excited about our future!

We're Mobile Friendly!

Artsopolis Mobile FriendlyArtsopolis websites are available on mobile devices. Website visitors can browse, search, bookmark, and share via social media. We are currently transitioning our system to a fully responsive design platform. In the meantime, visitors to our older websites will still be able to access both desktop and mobile-friendly versions. Both versions support advertising and analytics tracking. The mobile version (and soon-to-be fully responsive versions come standard in all packages and configurations.



Artsopolis Member Communities... and growing!


Artsopolis combines a visually appealing, customizable design and simple navigation with powerful administrative tools that can help any type of organization or business with its cultural engagement, audience development and community building efforts.


Artsopolis receives support from The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, Cisco Systems, and Adobe Corporation. Artsopolis is a program of Silicon Valley Creates, a nonprofit organization.