The Best Community Engagement Platform for Arts, Culture, and Tourism.

Mission & Goals

Our Mission

To connect communities through innovative technology, collaborative action, and compelling promotion.

Great Things Take Time to Build


In 2001, ARTSOPOLIS, made up of a group of arts loving tech nerds, release their first calendar prototype for their community in the Bay Area.

ARTSOPOLIS joins the Silicon Valley Arts Council

In 2003, officially launched as a program of Arts Council Silicon Valley, serving the south Bay Area region.

ARTSOPOLIS discovers a nation-wide need

In 2004, Artsopolis began its first network license agreement with a partnering community. It soon became clear that there are arts and culture organizations all over the US and Canada that need help with digital promotion, and ARTSOPOLIS is determined to find a way to help.

The ARTSOPOLIS Network flourishes

By 2015, the number of communities working together to improve the ARTSOPOLIS platform had reached 50 communities across the United States. The cooperative efforts of the Network Members resulted in digital reach and power that none of the Members could have achieved on their own.

ARTSOPOLIS steps out on its own

In 2017, The team at ARTSOPOLIS and the Arts Council Silicon Valley decided to make an amicable split so ARTSOPOLIS could continue to expand. They packed up and moved to Seattle, where we now run our digital platform for our ever strengthening Network.

Meet our Network Members

We are proud to be a part of the work enriching and showcasing the cultural fabric of communities all over North America.
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