The mission of ARTSOPOLIS is to connect communities through innovative technology, collaborative action, and compelling promotion.

Goal #1

Serve communities, large and small.

People need to promote arts, culture and recreation in their communities everywhere. We didn't want to limit ourselves to serving only those in large centers, because the work being done in smaller centers is just as impactful to quality of life for those communities. Consequently, the organizations and governments that we work with to provide those essential services to their communities have a wide range of staff size and budgets. When we quote site building costs for a community of 4000 people, we have found their needs are not the same as those from a place with 1,000,000 residents, and we price our services for them accordingly. 

Goal #2

Support innovation through sharing ideas.

When your organization becomes a Network Member, it means more than just joining a roster of clients. Our Network Members share the accrued intellectual property of over 15 years and over 50 communities. Those innovative ideas are what shape our modules, and the overall evolution of ARTSOPOLIS. 

Once one of our Network Members tries something new and bold, it becomes available for use to our other Network Members, and can often be offered at a much lower cost than developing it from scratch. In the nonprofit and government worlds, where resources are often tight, but ideas are big, this practice helps everyone reach more ambitious goals to serve their communities.

This is also the reason that if an organization wishes to have exclusive rights over our platform in their city or area, we charge more, because the intention of our work is to share it. Those additional resources go back into the Network's development and maintenance efforts.

Goal #3

Security in Numbers.


Cyber security is a real threat, and requires constant effort and attention by all web developers, especially those developing specialized solutions, like ARTSOPOLIS. For an individual developer this ceaseless battle is often impossible to stay ahead of, and working with third party, unvetted plugins can leave sites vulnerable. 

Our Network Member's pooled resources allow us to have a team of developers that are constantly monitoring and updating our modules. This creates a level of protection for our Network Members that is difficult to achieve and maintain as an individual developer.


In 2001, ARTSOPOLIS releases their first calendar prototype.

ARTSOPOLIS joins the Silicon Valley Arts Council

In 2003, Artsopolis.com officially launched as a program of Arts Council Silicon Valley, serving the south Bay Area region.

ARTSOPOLIS discovers a nation-wide need

In 2004, Artsopolis began its first network license agreement with a partnering community. It soon becomes clear that there are arts and culture organizations all over the US that need help with digital promotion, and ARTSOPOLIS is determined to find a way to help.

The ARTSOPOLIS Network is born

By 2015, The number of communities working together to improve the ARTSOPOLIS platform had reached 50 communities across the United States. The cooperative efforts of the Network Members had resulted in digital reach and power that none of the Members could have achieved on their own.

ARTSOPOLIS steps out on its own

In 2017, The team at ARTSOPOLIS and the Silicon Valley Arts Council decided to make an amicable split so ARTSOPOLIS could continue to expand.  They packed up and moved to Seattle, where they now run their collective digital platform for their ever strengthening Network.