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How Does it work?

The Artsopolis Events Calendar module remains one of the most robust solutions in the industry. Visually powerful, easy to manage, our event calendar is loaded with features.

Event listings can be managed from both the ‘front end’ user dashboard and administrative control panel. All submissions require approval by the website’s content administrator, though subsequent edits by front end users can be set to bypass the administrative review process. If the bypass option is activated then all listing edits will appear on the website immediately.

An unlimited number of event categories (and sub-categories) can be added. We also support “hidden” category types that can be made available on the event submission form, but not visible to the public. The purpose of such types are often as a means of gathering and sharing event listings that may not appear on the website itself, but will be made available to other calendaring partners via our Syndication module.

Our display management tool allows you to select events for spotlighting or featuring on the homepage and all event category pages. Multiple events can be selected for spotlighting or featuring in advance, ensuring that your most important events are always prominently displayed. And, we also provide an ‘auto fill’ feature that ensures that if you have not selected any events for spotlighting or featuring that there will always be events to fill in those valuable positions.

Listing Features Include:

  • Name/title
  • Description
  • Admission info
  • Date/time info (supports multiple start times)
  • Category type (multiple category selection available)
  • Photos (unlimited)
  • Videos (unlimited)
  • Contact info (name, email, phone)
  • Google Maps API integration for maps and directions
  • External link for more information
  • Ticket purchasing link
  • Discount ticket link (if applicable)
  • Social media sharing (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, iCal, Outlook, Email)
  • User comments
  • Auto-removal of events upon expiration
  • Interlinking with registered organization, venue, business, and/or artist directory listings
  • Additional customizable fields and icons

User Dashboard Features:

  • User account login
  • Bookmarking
  • Activity log
  • Event self-management tools
  • Copy event option
  • Multiple users can be assigned to single organization
  • Bulk import (CSV file type)

Search Features:

  • Multiple filters (keyword, date range, category type, venue, city)
  • Auto suggest
  • Tile and list view options

Administrative Features:

  • All submissions subject to administrator approval
  • User edited content approval bypass option
  • Draft mode option
  • Copy event option
  • Unlimited number of category types
  • Display management (spotlight / featured event selection)
  • Top 10 events (based on ‘most viewed’ listings)
  • SEO tools

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These are some of our most frequently asked questions, but if you have others, please reach out to us.

What degree of customization is possible?

All of our sites include basic customization to align with your brand identity. This includes things like logo placement, color palette choice, footer design, globalized font selection within our standard list, etc.


Our team is capable of providing higher degrees of customization, both functionally and in regards to design elements. The degree of specificity determines the cost of our customization services.


If you would like a higher degree of customization beyond our standard inclusions, we will estimate the number of hours it will take to accomplish your goals, and include a pre-determined number of customization hours in our quote. 


Standard Customization:

Higher degree of Customization:

How much does the platform cost to use?

Our pricing takes into consideration three factors:


  • Service Area

The population you serve affects the amount a of traffic a site will receive. We have found that Network Members who serve 50,000 people function differently than those who are serving, for example, 3 million people. The sites have different demands placed on them, and we have to price our services accordingly.


  • Data Normalization and Data Mining

When building a site, the work required to 'normalize' any import data to work within our platform is always different. Some data is incomplete and may require data 'mining' to make listings appear complete, within our system. Each project is considered on a case by case basis and priced accordingly.


  • Startup Cost

Your start up cost will be dependent on the modules you select and the labour required to achieve your goals. We will work with you to find the right fit of services that works within your budget. We are committed to providing our tools to those who serve the well being of their community. Reach out to discuss our many flexible options with you.


Our start-up period, which includes site construction, standard customization, and staff training, spans a 15 month period, on average. Once your site is launched, your annual maintenance fee will be due exactly 12 months from that date.

What is you payment policy?

Upon contract signing, ARTSOPOLIS requires a payment of 50% of the estimated total project cost. The remaining 50% will be due once the site is launched.


We do offer the option for 4 installment payments, once the request is reviewed and approved.


The annual maintenance fee is a lump sum, due every 12 months from the date of the site launch.

Can we request platform functionality customizations?

Platform customizations and enhancements can be requested. All system enhancements are performed by Artsopolis development staff - we do not allow outside developers to alter the functionality of the platform. Functionality customization requests often come after the development process is completed. We consider these requests custom development projects, which are all considered on a case by case basis. If approved, any  enhancements may be arranged at $95* per development hour. We are happy to provide a quote upon request, but we do require a discovery meeting so we may understand the scope of work. 


*Hourly rate subject to change without prior notification.

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