Yes, to the degree that you see other websites in our Network, most of them have their own unique graphics and color palettes. Placement of content blocks on the home page, along the right column and website footer can be added, removed or positioned according to your needs.

We normally receive a suggested home page mockup from each community that our team will work to integrate for you website. The mockup is sometimes provided by a design specialist or consultant within your community.

Once the agreement is signed, we normally allow for 3 months of development and customization leading up to the launch of the website. This also allows for training your team on the content management system and giving community organizations time to post their events.


We have assisted in this process for several projects. We typically receive a spreadsheet in Excel or CSV format, which we then "normalize" and import into our database. This saves a significant amount of time so that your content team don't have to re-enter all the info they've already gathered for other calendars.

Yes. We have a "content syndication" module which allows you to share calendar content via RSS, XML or display widgets so that other community partners can add those listings to their websites. The syndication module also allows you to filter the content to each partner's needs. For example, if a partner only wants Kids and Family listings within a specific zip code, the tool will allow you to provide this type of targeted feed.


Our costs are broken down by an initial "start up" fee and then an annual renewal fee upon the 1 year anniversary of the website's launch date. The start up and annual renewal fees are dependent upon the array of modules you license, geographic area you serve, and overall support needs - both during the start up phase and annual renewal maintenance phase.

The start up phase of your website's development - to the point of public launch - typically takes 2-3 months, but may vary based on the array of modules and services provided, as well as how quickly we receive necessary files and feedback from our clients. Once the website has launched to the public we enter the annual "hosting and maintenance" phase.

If you would like to find out specific pricing based on your needs, please contact us at: or call (833) 255-2787 (ALL-ARTS).

Yes. We allow for up to 4 installments on both the start up fee and annual renewal fee.


We're happy to provide a demo for you and your colleagues.