We recognize how frustrating it can be to come to a website, searching for pricing and not be able to find those numbers. Our intention is to make sure our quoting process is transparent, and that's why we've laid out the factors that affect our price quotes below.

Pricing Considerations

Service Area

The population you serve affects the amount a of traffic a site will receive. We have found that Network Members who serve 50,000 people function differently than those who are serving, for example, 3 million people. The sites have different demands placed on them, and we have to price our services accordingly.

Occasionally we will receive a request for exclusive rights to our platform and modules in a given service area. Exclusivity is possible, but is not assumed with the standard cost of our services, and we do charge more for these rights.

Degree of Customization

All of our sites include basic customization to align your site with your brand identity. This includes things like logo placement, color palette choice, footer design, globalized font selection within our standard list, etc.

Our team is capable of providing higher degrees of customization, both functionally and in regards to design elements. The degree of specificity determines the overall cost of our customization services.

If you would like a higher degree of customization beyond our standard inclusions, we would estimate the number of hours it would take to accomplish your goals, and include a pre-determined number of customization hours in our quote.

Standard Customization: NowPlayingNashville.com

Higher degree of Customization: CreativeSonoma.org


Start-up cost

Your start up cost will be dependent on the modules you select and the labour required to achieve your goals. We will work with you to find the right fit of services that works within your budget. We are committed to providing our tools to those who serve the well being of their community. Reach out so we can discuss our many flexible options with you.

Our start-up period, which includes site construction, standard customization, and staff training, spans a 15 month period, on average. 

Once your site is launched, your annual maintenance fee will be due exactly 12 months from that date.

Payment Policy

Upon contract signing, ARTSOPOLIS requires a payment of 50% of the estimated total project cost. The remaining 50% will be due once the site is launched.

We do offer the option for 4 installment payments, once the request is reviewed and approved.

The annual maintenance fee is a lump sum, due every 12 months from the date of the site launch.

Fee increases may occur at the discretion of ARTSOPOLIS, and will be communicated with Network Members with no less than 90 days notice.

For questions or to contact us for a quote