Data Normalization

As part of the start up development phase it is common for our clients request that content from an older database be transferred to and normalized for their new Artsopolis website. Or, they may wish to import new information they have compiled in a spreadsheet, such as organization, venue, artist, or public art information.

We are happy to assist in the normalization and import process. Determining cost for this aspect of the project will depend on our understanding of the full scope of the data being imported. This includes understanding what type of data, how many records, the condition or quality of the data, and whether the normalization and import will involve graphic images or not.

Design Integration

Design can play a critical role in the success of a website. As part of the start up development phase we engaged in discussions and decision making processes to help your team determine how best to implement your design within our system. While Artsopolis does maintain its own designers, we typically rely on the work of third-party designers of your choosing. We can recommend third-party design firms and free lance designers; however, we find that working with a designer from within your own community - one that knows your community best - often produces the best work.

We typically work with designers to integrate the logo, color palette and other graphic elements they provide, along with a mockup and layered Photoshop file.

Once we have completed the initial design integration, we're happy to open up the administrative panel to your designer so they can make further modifications or test other ideas via the various custom CSS tools.

Search Engine Optimization

While the Artsopolis system is inherently 'search friendly' we can assist with more in-depth search engine optimization (SEO), including implementing custom meta information (descriptions and keywords) that will assist search engines in the process of indexing your content.

Examples of SEO customization include apply unique descriptions and keywords to all event category and sub-category pages, top level directory pages, or creating content pages designed to increase traffic.

Do you have questions about SEO? Don't hesitate to reach out to us.


As part of the start up phase of development Artsopolis provides training for your content management team to orient them both on how to use the administrative control panel and how to navigate the front end user dashboard. Trainings typically last 2 hours and are conducted online and by phone. Follow-up training, while still during the start up phase, is available upon request at no additional charge.

Post-launch training for new employees will be charged our standard rate of $85* per each hour of training.

*Hourly rate subject to change without prior notification.