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Support Service Summary

Policy Updated Oct.1, 2019

Communications Confidentiality

During the support process we may ask for details about the issue, which may include confidential information such as a user’s email address, username and/or password. Request for user login and/or contact information is only done when our team deems it necessary to troubleshoot an issue. All communications with our Helpdesk are confidential. Only you and our support team will see your support ticket unless you have specifically requested that other individuals be included in these communications.

We do not provide Support Services through any other channel at this time, including but not limited to live chat, video conferencing, Facebook, and Twitter.

Emergency and Off-hours Communications

We provide off-hours support for emergencies only. An example of an emergency may include the site being down completely, or the site being functional, but with major issues causing a significant business impact. 

During off-hours we regularly perform routine reviews of our system, during both evenings and weekends. This allows us to address issues that may be discovered during the review process, and to ensure that the system is running smoothly.

All non-emergency communications received during off-hours will be responded to within our standard Helpdesk hours.

What 's included...

What Our Support Service Covers

ARTSOPOLIS only supports Products developed by and licensed from ARTSOPOLIS. Our Support Service includes assistance with Product installations, configuration, upgrades, and use. If you need help with any aspect of the ARTSOPOLIS system, first check the Online Admin Guide documentation and FAQs found via this page: If you do not find the information you are looking for you may contact us at:

Summary of Support Services

  • Website hosting (server maintenance: hardware and IT configurations)
  • Site checks (daily)
  • Data backups (daily)
  • Application upgrades (deployment of system-wide enhancements/new features)
  • Security maintenance (i.e. firewall, malware protection, IP blocking, patches, etc.)
  • Basic site maintenance (i.e. updating navigation tabs, footer logos, right column content blocks, adding/editing categories)
  • Software updates (i.e. maintaining the latest versions of ARTSOPOLIS theme, WordPress core, and approved third-party plugins)
  • Troubleshooting
  • System documentation (user guides/faqs)
  • Helpdesk (email and phone)
  • Account administration

Bug Fixes

ARTSOPOLIS will fix any defects (or “bugs”) in our Products as quickly as possible after they are brought to our attention. A “defect” (or “bug”) is defined as an error, flaw, or failure in the ARTSOPOLIS software application or server that is causing users and/or administrators to be unable to complete tasks, including:

  • browsing/searching
  • posting, editing, approving, and/or deleting content
  • importing/exporting data
  • running reports
  • server downtime/excessive load times

ARTSOPOLIS will try to provide a solution via our Helpdesk for smaller defects or errors as a precursor to what may eventually result in a more substantial update to the particular Product as part of our scheduled Product updates. If you think you have found a bug, please let us know


Training on the ARTSOPOLIS system is provided – at no additional fee - within the first year of your website’s launch to the public. We do not provide training of new Client staff or re-training of existing Client staff beyond the first year of operation. Typically new Client staff is trained by either the outgoing Client staff member or by other existing Client staff members. Additional training by ARTSOPOLIS may be arranged and subject to our standard training hourly rate of $50/hr.

System Updates

ARTSOPOLIS provides periodic updates that may be deployed on a weekly or monthly basis depending on necessity. These updates may include bug fixes and/or enhancements. These updates also include ensuring that our platform is using the latest publicly available and tested version of WordPress, the platform that ARTSOPOLIS is built on. A monthly communication will be provided to Clients to let you know what updates were provided during the previous month. If an update may impact the functionality or workflow of our Clients in a significant way we will send out a communication via email in advance of the update.

Customization within Modules

We will help you to configure our products within the capabilities of each module, which may include color palette, 

We do not customize the core functionality of our Products under our standard Support Service. 

What's not included...

Custom Development Projects

We consider requests for modifying how a particular feature or function as a Custom Development Request. If the request is a desired change for how the standard platform of the network should overall function, we classify these types of communications as “suggestions” for how we might improve our system in the future. These types of suggestions will be reviewed by our development team and considered for future development. The nature of each suggestion will determine whether or not the modification can be executed in the short term, the long term, or not at all due to its specific technical and/or cost constraints.

While we are constantly seeking ways to improve our system and welcome your suggestions, ARTSOPOLIS does not guarantee that a particular suggested modification will be developed and deployed. If a Client would like us to pursue a particular modification on a more aggressive timeline on their behalf we may then recommend that it be treated us a Custom Development Project. See “Customization” section below.

Installation and Troubleshooting of Third Party Products

Installation and troubleshooting of third party Products such as plugins, widgets and feeds that have not been developed and/or approved in advance by ARTSOPOLIS or specified within a Client’s service agreement are not included in our Support Service. As ARTSOPOLIS is built on the WordPress platform there may be instances where our Products may interact with third party WordPress plugins and widgets in unexpected ways.  We may require you to disable third party plugins and/or widgets that are installed alongside our Products that may be affecting the performance or rendering of our Products. Requests from Clients for our team members to pursue a solution for integrating a third party Product will incur an additional fee, per Client approval.

Communications with a Client’s Third Party Partners and/or Vendors

Communications with a Client’s third party partners and/or vendors are not included in our Support Service. We are often asked to participate in phone calls and/or email threads with third parties to discuss our services, including integration of syndication feeds, importing data, or other solutions. As our service fees do not cover these types of planning communications and our team has limited capacity, requests for our team members to participate in these types of communications may incur additional fees.

General WordPress Support

ARTSOPOLIS does not provide general WordPress support. Documentation about the core features and functionality of WordPress are widely available. Some good resources can be found at: or

As a policy we do not change or customize the core functionality of our WordPress installation as provided by In part, this is to ensure that the platform remains stable and secure within WordPress standards and that we can provide our Clients with upgrades to the latest version of WordPress without interruption of service.

Provide Third Party Web Developers/Programmers Direct Access

ARTSOPOLIS does not provide third party web developers/programmers direct access to core system files, theme files and/or database tables. Any changes or additions to core system files, theme files and/or database tables may only be performed by ARTSOPOLIS team members. However, third party web developers/programmers may be granted access to the Client’s administrative control panel, per Client request.

Direct Support Communications with the General Public

ARTSOPOLIS does not provide direct support communications with the general public (i.e. front end public users, individual arts organizations, and/or artists). We will only communicate with and provide support services to the Client’s designated liaison (i.e. site administrator, content manager/specialist, marketing director/manager, or other approved staff person).

Custom Development Options


ARTSOPOLIS provides our Products as is. A customization is anything that changes the way our Products look or function relative to how we make our Products available to you and/or the public. While we will help you to configure our products within the capabilities of each module, we do not customize the core functionality of our Products under our standard Support Service. 

Customization to the core functionality of the ARTSOPOLIS system may be requested and, if approved, we will provide you with a “custom development” quote and work order. A custom development project will not begin until it has received Client approval. Custom development projects are charged at our standard “time and materials” hourly rate. As of January 1, 2017 our hourly rate is $85.

We welcome your questions and ideas regarding customizing your website. If you need customization, we do our best to offer advice and would be glad to provide you with a quote for these services.

Considering the Pros and Cons of Specific WordPress Plugins

Currently there are over 52,000 WordPress plugins available to the public. As a result, it may be attractive to find a plugin that appears to meet your needs and request that it be installed on your website. While we welcome your inquiries and recommendations for which plugins we might install, we have also found that there are actually very few plugins that meet all of the ‘quality control’ criteria that allow us to install a plugin on our servers. These criteria include:

  1. Support: Is the plugin well supported? Does the plugin’s developer release frequent updates and enhancements? This is especially important when WordPress releases a major software update that may require developers to update their plugin code.
  2. Popularity: How many websites have installed the plugin? Not all plugins have a broad enough appeal to result in a high number of installations, but when determining, for example, what SEO plugin might work best the “5+ million” installations that YOAST SEO has received is a good indicator of the plugin’s value and stability.
  3. Ratings: How many “stars” and positive comments has the plugin received? While a single 5-star rating and positive comment is not helpful to determine whether or not a plugin is ‘safe’ and stable enough to install, a large number of high ratings and positive comments is a good sign and will often encourage the plugin’s developer to continue updating and enhancing their plugin.
  4. Documentation: Does the plugin have comprehensive installation and user guide information?
  5. Compatibility: Is the plugin compatible with the ARTSOPOLIS system and with other third party plugins? To date we have tested numerous plugins in an effort to address a wide range of needs. On many occasions we have experienced issues where a plugin was not compatible with our software and caused various sections of the ARTSOPOLIS system to malfunction or break.
  6. Cost: Does the plugin cost anything to install or to upgrade? Many WordPress plugins are free; however, very often the free version of a plugin provides limited functionality. It is a common strategy for plugin developers to release a free version of their plugin, but then charge extra for the “pro” version that includes all of the additional functionality that you really want. This type of business approach is not ‘unreasonable’, but it does require consideration when stacking up all of the potential costs associated with installing and managing multiple plugins.

Approved WordPress Plugins

While this is not an exhaustive list, these are some of the plugins that have been vetted, tested, and approved for use on our servers:

• Akismet

• Jetpack

• Logo Slider

• Mailchimp for WordPress

• Constant Contact Forms

• FooGallery/FooBox

• Ninja Forms

• Ninja Popups

• Redirection

• TotalPoll



• Collapse-O-Matic

• Simple History

• WooCommerce

ARTSOPOLIS has also developed its own series of plugins meeting various Client needs, as well. A complete list of active plugins is provided in our Knowledge Base.

Special Requests

Third Party Developer Access

As a standard practice we do not allow for third party access or customization of the source code of our Products. Only under special circumstances is third party developer access to our servers and/or source code provided. Requests for our team to provide support to third party developers may incur additional fees at our standard hourly rate.

Other Support Resources

We are often asked to provide information and feedback on topics that may extend beyond the technical services that ARTSOPOLIS provides. If it appears that the topic is widely discussed among third party community forums, blogs, and/or ‘how to’ guides, we may direct you to review those resources before further discussions with our team. In these instances we will do our best to direct you to the best possible source of information, though ARTSOPOLIS does not take responsibility or necessarily endorse the content of these resources.