The Venue Directory module provides an enhanced listing of registered venues available for searching or browsing. The Venue Directory module operates in conjunction with the Event Calendar module and supports an unlimited number of registered venues.

Venue Directory listings can be managed from both the 'front end' user dashboard (by representatives of the venue) and administrative control panel. All initial submissions require approval by the website's content administrator, though subsequent edits by front end users can be set to bypass the administrative review process.

An unlimited number of venue categories (and sub-categories) can be added, allowing users to filter lists by such categories as "community center" "concert hall" "library" "museum" "performing arts center" "school" "theater" and so on.

The Venue Directory module also allows you to create a 'parent - child' relationship between various listings, such as a performing arts center or university that has multiple venue locations that all fall under one master location. This allows your visitors to look for events at specific locations or at all events covering all locations.

For example, Stanford University (the "parent" listing) has several venues on campus where events take place. They can set up individual listings for each location, as well as a master listing representing the entire school. A visitor can then select Cantor Museum, Memorial Church or Stanford Stadium (the "child" listings) to see what events might be taking place at those specific locations, or they can go to Stanford University's "parent" venue page to see all events happening on campus.


  • Name/title
  • Description
  • Category type (multiple category selection available)
  • Photos (unlimited)
  • Videos (unlimited)
  • Contact info (name, email, phone)
  • Google Maps API integration for maps and directions
  • External link for more information
  • Current/Upcoming events tab
  • Social media sharing (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, iCal, Outlook, Email)
  • User comments
  • Interlinking with associated events and registered organizations
  • Additional customizable fields and icons


  • User account login
  • Bookmarking
  • Activity log
  • Venue profile self-management tools
  • Multiple users can be assigned to a single venue


  • Multiple filters (keyword, category type, city)
  • Auto suggest
  • Tile and list view options


  • All submissions subject to administrator approval
  • User edited content approval bypass option
  • Draft mode option
  • Unlimited number of category types
  • Parent-child association tool
  • SEO tools


Facility Rental Information: This module is an extension of the Venue Directory and provides numerous additional fields describing a venue's rental availability and technical specifications. These fields are searchable. Click here for more information about this module.


Product customizations and enhancements can be requested. All system enhancements are performed by Artsopolis development staff only and subject to prior review and approval by Artsopolis. If approved, enhancements may be arranged at $85* per each hour of programming.

*Hourly rate subject to change without prior notification.